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Spartan Blades - Harsey Clandestina

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The Clandestina, a meticulously engineered tactical knife and fixed blade masterpiece born from the collaborative prowess of Spartan Blades and William W. Harsey Jr., driven by their rich history in the Special Operations community. This survival knife, aptly named as a feminine adaptation of "Clandestine," encapsulates an essence of mystery, secrecy, and the covert nature of the missions that inspired its creation.


The Clandestina stands as a testament to the legacy of William W. Harsey Jr., whose illustrious career in the world of tactical cutlery is deeply intertwined with influential figures and elite military units. Harsey's collaborative work with Colonel Rex Applegate, a pioneer in close combat and self-defense techniques, laid the foundation for his expertise. The principles developed in collaboration with the likes of Col Rex Applegate, Al Mar, and the Special Operations Community, have left an indelible mark on the Clandestina, ensuring it embodies the essence of practicality and effectiveness as both a tactical and survival knife.


William W. Harsey's connection with the U.S. Army Special Forces adds another layer of authenticity to the Clandestina. With firsthand experience in meeting the unique needs of these elite forces, Harsey's insights have been instrumental in crafting a fixed blade knife that goes beyond expectations, catering to the demands of those operating in the most challenging environments.


Moreover, Harsey's collaborations with elements of the Canadian Special Operations Forces (SOF) Community underscore the international relevance and adaptability of the Clandestina as a survival knife. The knife is designed not only to meet the rigorous standards of U.S. Special Forces but also resonates with the diverse international military community, reflecting its capability to excel in a variety of operational contexts.


In every facet of the Clandestina, Harsey's rich history of collaboration with esteemed figures and elite military units echoes. This blade stands as a living testament to the collective expertise and dedication poured into its creation, ensuring it is not merely a tool but a reliable partner in the hands of those who operate at the forefront of tactical excellence.


As a lightweight protective companion, the Clandestina is meticulously engineered to be an inconspicuous yet reliable ally, embodying utility with discretion. Crafted for effortless carry, its design prioritizes portability without compromising functionality, ensuring swift deployment when needed most.


The backbone of the Clandestina lies in its quality materials. The blade, a pinnacle of precision, is crafted from top-tier CPM MagnaCut steel, guaranteeing razor-sharp edges, durability, and resilience against corrosion. The ergonomically designed handle, crafted from CE Canvas Micarta® in Black or Camo, ensures a secure grip, reflecting Spartan Blades' commitment to both form and function.


The Clandestina transcends the realm of a mere knife; it emerges as a symbol of trust, precision, and collaboration. For those navigating the path of secrecy and precision, this fixed blade tactical and survival knife stands as a dedicated partner, ready to cut through the veils of uncertainty, serving as a testament to the unwavering commitment of its creators.



Steel: Magnacut
Lenght: 25,9 cm
Bladelenght: 14 cm
Thickness: 0,48 cm
Handle: Micarta
Finish: PVD (Black Sparta Coat)/ZrN (FDE)
Sheath: Nylon sheath

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